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 Welcome to HoSung Technics Co.,Ltd.,

Since its founding in 1993, HoSung Technics Co.,Ltd., has specialized in the manufacture of various connectors for high-frequency telecommunication equipments, such as RF Components, Connectors, Cable Assemblies and Modules (Power Divider, Coupler, Duplexer, etc.).

We place particular emphasis on quality management, conducting thorough quality control from receipt of materials to packaging. As a result, we have acquired ISO9001 certification, which attests to the great strides we have made in quality management.

HoSung Technics Co.,Ltd. seeks to give its customers full satisfaction in terms of technology, quality, delivery and price competitiveness and believes in high reliability and quality services for underpinning the growth and success of the company.

Thank you.

Yongcheol Bae , CEO Hosung Technics Co., Ltd